To Be The Best

You Have to Beat The Best

Every single athlete comes into Iconic Sport Performance saying the same thing ... "they are training to be the best."


Yet 98% of them can't tell you who the #1 recruit is in their class NATIONALLY. Many can rarely tell you who the #1 recruit is in their state. 


As Rick Flair said: 


"In order to be THE MAN, you have to beat THE MAN" 


So let's do some research!


From there, devise a plan of attack based on your findings and plot your way to the top effectively.  


And THEN let's get in the gym, and outwork EVERY ONE! 


  • 11 Questions, that when answered, will assist you in clearly defining your goals, and work as a resource to devise a plan of attack to improve your game. 

  • Ranked Talent Local/National, utilize work sheets as a guide to find the top ranked talent in your community based on accurate statistics and who is at the top of everyone's recruiting leaderboards. 

  • How to Get to Your Dream School, use public information that is often overlooked to guide you to getting recruited by your dream school.



After completing the Mind of a Standout Course, this athlete immediately scored a CAREER HIGH!


All it took was approaching the game differently when they stepped on the court, this time with the Mind of a Standout. 

Check out how they felt directly after the game in the thread below. 

You'll also see how they followed up this great performance in the next game and gain insight on the relief it was for the game to finally make sense. 



Mind of a Standout 


What You'll Learn: 


How To Utilize Research To Become A Better Player &

Create Goals Upon Findings 


How To Utilize Statistics To  Understand & Enhance Your Game


How To Be A Standout In Your Role 


What College Coaches Consider A 'Recruitable Athlete' 


How To Set Goals & Implement Them Effectively


How You Can Reach The 1000 + Point Club (Customizable Worksheet)


How To Access Your Current Level of Play


Who You Really Are As An Athlete